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Mere words….

Mere words can never express how much I love you,

Getting you off my mind is something I can’t do,

Hoping that someday you feel this for me too,

I live my life in a dream woven all around you…

All I do is pray that you be mine one day,

To realise this wish, I shall go out of my way,

Whatever circumstances yours or mine might say,

My hopes about you, never I can slay…

Dear, do you ever feel the love that I feel?

With you in my thoughts, I feel love is for real,

My heart, my mind and my soul are just so full of you,

Mere words can never express how much I love you…



Love me coz I love thee,

As untrue I cannot be,

For soon you shall see,

How strong my love can be…


You may wish for someone new,

For the bliss of change or habit too,

Trust me so dauntless, you will find few,

Who is ready to be the world for you…


People are different, it’s a fact you should take,

Applaud the truth that I have never been fake,

Revive your thoughts and give them a wake,

For loving someone who loves you is no mistake…


I’m still in love with you,
Though i keep myself away,
I live life being myself untrue,
Wishing to have you one more day…

My heart is so void and bare,
Unheard are the whimpers  inside,
Live with a broken heart, do I dare?
Wondering ever like me if you’ve cried…

This pain lingers for very long
Which i’m sure, you never knew
You just live your life all along,
Where i can never pass through…

Am I being sane or being mad?
Living my life in an illusory wish,
Don’t know whether it’s good or bad,
As I wait for you, to rid my anguish…

A falling star…


Raat ke aasmaan me toota tha ek taara,

Yahi dua nikli ke bas tum ho jao humhare,

Toot jaye tare tamaam, khali ho aasmaan saara,

Dua ek hi hogi ke jiye hum banke tumhare…


A falling star streaked across the sky one night,

A wish made before it, they say, always comes true,

Only wish I can ever make at every falling star in sight,

May you be mine my love, and may I belong to you…


Dazzle of the dusk…








Doobte suraj ki kirane lag rahe hai kitne sunehre,

Saagar ki behti lehron par apni roshni bikhere,

Bechain dil ko sukoon mila kudrat ke sahaare,

Tanhaiyon me bhi apne rang laaye aise nazaare…

Rays of the setting sun at dusk, golden charm spreads around,

Divine light streaks across, lashing waves making sound,

Soothing a distressed mind, natural beauty so profound,

Sense intimacy in solitude, such fantasies when surround…





Ek tarfa pyar……

Sabke dil toote toh hai ek na ek baar,

Kitna bhi saccha kyon na ho mann me pyar,

Bikhre hai har taraf dil ke tukde hazaar,

Sanam tak na pahunchi dard ki pukaar,

Samjhaye bohut dil ko par aaya na qaraar,

Aakhir kyon hota hai ye ek tarfa pyar??


Every heart is broken once, twice or more,

Love may be candid, true and faith galore,

It has been this way since days of yore,

Cries of pain never reach the soul you adore,

You sealed your heart with trust to the core,

Then why is love just one side and forlorn you’re?

For once I saw love in your gaze, but it was an image of my own eyes,

For once I felt you pine for me, but it was the sound of my own cries,

For once I believed you care for me, but it was only what you said,

For once I thought I can win your heart, but I lost mine to you instead…


Mohabbat aayi thi nazar aapki aankhon me, par apne hi aankhon ki parchayin thi woh…

Talab mehsoos hui humhari nazdeekiyon ki, par apne hi dil ki aawazein thi woh…

Maante rahe parwah hai aapko humhari, par baatein sirf kehne ki thi woh…

Yakeen tha humein dil jeetenge aapka kabhi, par haar baithe apne hi dil ko…


Aapse koi gila nahin shikwa nahin kisi baat se,
Mohabbat zindagi me khushi laye, par na ban jaye saza….
Kya hua agar mohabbat nahin mili humhe aap se,
Aapke dosti ke saath ko hi maanenge khuda ki raza….

No reason to cry, no reason to whine,
Love is the beauty of life, not a pain to endure…
No remorse that your love could not be mine,
Be a friend for life, for there is nothing than that, more pure…

Kitni khoobsurat hoti ye zindagi, roshan dil ke sitare hote,
Khushiyon ki koi kami na hoti, pyare ye saare nazaare hote,
Taraste hi rehte hai, mohabbat ki ek jhalak paane ke liye,
Bas yahi sochte rehte hai, kaash aap humhare hote.

Charming would be my days; starry would be my nights,
No dearth of joy ever, lovely would be every moment in time,
Yearning for your love which can dazzle in my heart all the lights,
Can only wish for it now; a wish that if only you were mine!!


Bas ek pal tha woh, jab tumne kiya tha izhaar,
Woh pal raha nahin ab, sirf yaadein hai kal ki,
Uss haseen lamhe ko socha karte hai baar baar,
Labon pe muskaan laati hai bas yaad uss pal ki..

Just a moment it was, when you said you loved me,
The moment has passed; remembrance is left behind,
Memories can’t be erased, forever in my heart they will be,
A smile is on the lips, when the moment crosses my mind..