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You are the one….

You are the one,
Who stepped out of my dreams
To give me a new lease of life,
And show me what love means.

You came into my life,
And made my life complete,
Every time I see you,
My heart skips a beat.

It’s you alone now,
Who is my reason to live
With the compassion you show,
And the care that you give.

You are the one,
Who makes me one whole
You’ve captured my heart,
And have touched my soul.



Fida hue hai hum teri issi muskaan par,

Muskuraate rehna meri jaan, jeevan bhar,

Tum haste ho duniya ye lagti hai nayi,

Mann me bajh uthte hai saazein kayi,

Teri muskaan ke aage lagta nahin kuch aur pyara,

Teri muskaan ke sagar me na lage saahil bhi gawara,

Har gham bhul jayenge hum, saari khushi tumse hai,

Yunhi muskurate rehna sanam, meri jaan ab tumse hai.