My Darling, My Angel, My Sweet,

How I long for us once again to meet.
How I long to run my fingers through your hair,
And to smell your succulent fragrance in the air.
How I long to feel in my hands your face,
And to sense your gentle presence all over the place.
I want to caress your entire body so tenderly,
as I hold you so close, oh so lovingly.
And when we kiss, your passion I want to taste.
How I long for this time that separates us to make haste.
For it is by many a mile that we are apart,
but it is for you that always beats, my heart.
And that alone is enough for now to sense you near,
Until the day your melodic voice I once again do hear.
It is your love that once upon a time set me free,
And now it is with you, forever together I want to be.