This wait for you is something I can’t explain..


Come to me and release me from this eternal pain,


Streaks of anticipation lining my anxious face are so real..


Your soothing touch is what my form so craves to feel,


Craning my neck, I look upon your way through the hours..


To add to my eagerness, come from the skies the showers,


Still no sign of you, my heart heaves a sigh of despair..


Yet with an undying hope, for your arrival my eyes I prepare,


I let my hands caress my tresses as you would have done, my love..


Just for you, I’ll wait an eternity, swear on heavens above,


My lips sealed tight owing to part only for my beloved’s kiss..


Come to my open arms baby, oh you, how much I miss!


Though this wait is causing me immense pain and strife..


All I know is that it’s worth, coz you are the only love of my life,


I endure this agony longer, keeping open my heart and its gates,


For I feel and I know you can sense my pain, coz true love waits.