You say you love me more than words can say,


I can’t say it, but only show you more, in my own way.


You tell me not to look at you, as you fear your mind,


I turn away coz you say, but you are all my eyes can find.




You admire the way I appear to your eyes,


I see my beauty only when in your gaze, it lies.


You turn away and say you are not able to face me,


Ever thought if you won’t, what is there left for me to see?




You question yourself about right and wrong at every touch,


In your arms is only that I feel right, can tell you this much.


You ask me if I am cross with you when it seems like it,


It’s only owing to you, my burdens are lost and gloom has quit.




You asked me if I felt at a time, that I did not want your kiss,


That was the very time; a beat in my heart had gone amiss.


You swore that you will see and love yourself the way I do,


I wonder if I myself can ever show how much I love you.




You wonder in what way you can express to me your love,


I could surrender myself to you and tell you ‘Darling, that’s how’.


Every moment says the desire for you in my heart soars,


My love, trust me when I say it, I am only and all yours…