What is it about you that makes me love you so?

The hypnotic look that your intense eyes show,

Your allure that makes you all I think,

Or your lips so soft, tender and pink.


What is it about you that I’ve never felt before?

Your touch or your gentle caress I adore,

Every time that your lips meet mine,

For time to halt there, every moment I pine.


What is it about you that makes me miss you so?

So much that my heart just can’t let you go,

That makes me yearn for the sound of your voice,

Your sight is only what makes my heart rejoice.


What is it about you that makes me long for more?

The way you care for me and I am all you adore,

You take me in your arms and sweet words when say,

That makes me urge to be with you night and day.


I don’t have answers to questions of yours,

You are the only joy to me, that life assures,

All I know it is when I’m with you,

I know what they call love is so true.