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Why I love you….


You ask me what it is that I love you for,

I ponder over the thought but cannot find a clue,

You say that you are no dazzling star,

And many a times your façade is merely untrue…


But there is something, to which oblivious you’re,

Love doesn’t need reasons, facts or logic too,

I love you, not because of who you are,

But because of who I am when I am with you….




Doubts arise in mind as to who I am really,

Why do I live my life to please the rest merely?

I will stand up today and prove that I am just me,

No one can choose for me what is my destiny..

Spent too many a day in a mirage of pleasure,

Understood this folly of mine, is quite beyond measure..

As they say rightly, it’s better late than never,

I will pull the reigns of my true self back together..

I do not need another to tell me my identity,

Right now, my imprisoned soul I will set free…

In my eyes the image of the real me, I shall see,

I promise myself, I will now be what I want to be…


Teri yaadein….

Yaad teri aisi hai jo dil se jaati nahin,

Pyar mera aisa hai ke chain humhe aata nahin,

Door rehte ho kyon humse,

Ye ahsaas ab dil ko bhaata nahin…

Hum tere hi khayalon me khoye hai,

Teri yaadon me jiya karte hai,

Kareeb nahin ho humhare tum,

Issi sach ka zehar hum piya karte hai…

Nazron ke saamne hokar bhi nazar churaate ho tum,

Dil ke kareeb hokar bhi dil ko jalaate ho tum,

Tumhari ek jhalak, ek awaaz ke liye taras jaate hai hum,

Aakhir kasoor kya hai humhara ke aise sataate ho tum?


Kyon ye sazaa de rahe ho humein mohabbat mein?

Kami kya reh gayi hai aakhir humhari chahat mein?

Dil toh sabhi dete hai par jaan lutaata nahin koi,

Humhari har saans guzarti hai bas teri ibaadat mein…



Today I smiled a little bit, my problems didn’t look so bad,

Today I shared my thoughts with else, a bit of hope I had,

Today I sang a little song, and felt my heart grow more light,

And walked a happy little mile, and saw not a cloud in sight….


Today I was content with what I had and longed for nothing more,

And what had seemed like only weeds felt like flowers at my door,

Today I loved a little more and complained a little less,

And in giving myself this joy, I forgot my weariness….

Mere words….

Mere words can never express how much I love you,

Getting you off my mind is something I can’t do,

Hoping that someday you feel this for me too,

I live my life in a dream woven all around you…

All I do is pray that you be mine one day,

To realise this wish, I shall go out of my way,

Whatever circumstances yours or mine might say,

My hopes about you, never I can slay…

Dear, do you ever feel the love that I feel?

With you in my thoughts, I feel love is for real,

My heart, my mind and my soul are just so full of you,

Mere words can never express how much I love you…


Love me coz I love thee,

As untrue I cannot be,

For soon you shall see,

How strong my love can be…


You may wish for someone new,

For the bliss of change or habit too,

Trust me so dauntless, you will find few,

Who is ready to be the world for you…


People are different, it’s a fact you should take,

Applaud the truth that I have never been fake,

Revive your thoughts and give them a wake,

For loving someone who loves you is no mistake…


I’m still in love with you,
Though i keep myself away,
I live life being myself untrue,
Wishing to have you one more day…

My heart is so void and bare,
Unheard are the whimpers  inside,
Live with a broken heart, do I dare?
Wondering ever like me if you’ve cried…

This pain lingers for very long
Which i’m sure, you never knew
You just live your life all along,
Where i can never pass through…

Am I being sane or being mad?
Living my life in an illusory wish,
Don’t know whether it’s good or bad,
As I wait for you, to rid my anguish…

A falling star…


Raat ke aasmaan me toota tha ek taara,

Yahi dua nikli ke bas tum ho jao humhare,

Toot jaye tare tamaam, khali ho aasmaan saara,

Dua ek hi hogi ke jiye hum banke tumhare…


A falling star streaked across the sky one night,

A wish made before it, they say, always comes true,

Only wish I can ever make at every falling star in sight,

May you be mine my love, and may I belong to you…


Dazzle of the dusk…








Doobte suraj ki kirane lag rahe hai kitne sunehre,

Saagar ki behti lehron par apni roshni bikhere,

Bechain dil ko sukoon mila kudrat ke sahaare,

Tanhaiyon me bhi apne rang laaye aise nazaare…

Rays of the setting sun at dusk, golden charm spreads around,

Divine light streaks across, lashing waves making sound,

Soothing a distressed mind, natural beauty so profound,

Sense intimacy in solitude, such fantasies when surround…